Company culture:Integrity、Stubborn、High quality、First -class!

Company culture:Integrity、Stubborn、High quality、First -class!

Business philosophy:Pursuing excellence、Go into the future with the times!

Values:Pursuit of value is the starting point of our work、Creating value is the motivation of our lives、Realizing value is our long -lasting pursuit!

Talent concept:Puttering,Suitable,As long as you are willing and can work hard for the enterprise、Actively dedicate,Is the talent needed by the company。On the selection of talents,The first consideration is personnel knowledge skills and job needs,Make the two of the two best combinations,Give full play to the expertise and ability of each employee。

Quality concept:High standard,Streamline,Zero defect,It is the basic requirement of the company to employees,It is also the basic work attitude of employees。High standards are prerequisite conditions,Refine is the basic requirement,Zero defect is Final goal。The three are intertwined,Indispensable。

Marketing concept:Create value for users,Win friends for the company,21Century marketing,“Create value for users”It is no longer a simple connotation of buying and selling,Instead,Make them the return of the company,Eventually became a friend of an enterprise。

Concept of security:Priceless life,Safety for the sky Life has only one time for everyone,We should respect life、Love your life。Safety first,Prevents;Safety is the essence of production and operation and the inevitable requirement,Only the safety of the life of the employee is effectively guaranteed、When the equipment and facilities are guaranteed normally,Only enterprises can continue。